Gaming Law

Gaming and E Sport Legal Services

Whether you’re a huge, successful gaming company, a one-man-show with an idea, a dream, and a PC, or a  game streamer, we’re not here to judge. But we are here to help.

Your tabletop game, roleplaying game, video game, or streaming content constitutes valuable intellectual property that you need to guard like you’ve taken an arrow to the knee. You’ll need to engage investors, hire employees or independent contractors to create content or assets, potentially enter into development agreements with gaming houses, and what the heck does “publishing” mean anyway? We can provide you with the guidance, agreements and registration services that you need in order to navigate the legal complexities of the gaming industry. We know that you have a budget, and we’re excited to get you going. Our team of commercial, regulatory and labor law specialists is fully equipped and experienced in creating legal solutions that fit in with your needs, at a price that doesn’t rake you over the coals. Finally, you can sleep peacefully at day knowing that your team of lawyers have your back.

What Can We Offer You?

1. Legal Advice

  • Company registration and structuring
  • Intellectual Property protection

2. Agreement and document drafting and review

  • Drafting documents for licensors or publishers
  •  Review of agreements
  • Service level agreements

3.Company and team structuring

  • Employment agreements
  • Team Member / developer agreements

4. Other Services

  • Visa and permit applications
  • Legal research
  • Mediation and discussion facilitation
  • Intellectual property registration and guidance
  • Compliance and regulation guidance
  • Corporate structuring
  • Business consulting
  • Review of third party or existing agreements

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