FINTech Services

The world is waking up to the dawn of a new age of financial service solutions which bring new and powerful financial tools right into the palm of your hand using brand new Financial Technology solutions, or “FINTech”.

This industry is extremely disruptive, with massive potential for both positive and negative consequences, resulting in this sector being one of the most regulated in Thailand.

With great power comes great responsibility – when you offer FINTech services in Thailand, you will be subject to an abundance of laws and regulations governing everything that you do in this sector, to ensure that your users’ money is safe at all times, and being used as it should be. We do understand this legal minefield in the Thailand FINTech sector and offers a FINTech Full-Service Offering package where we assist you, from start to finish, in ensuring that your FINTech offering is operating lawfully in Thailand. Whether you’re offering payment providers solutions, building a digital wallet app or want to launch a new savings or investment platform in Thailand using FINTech, we know the intricate FINTech laws, the applicable technologies and your savvy customers.

We can analyse applicable laws with you, educate you about those laws, draft all of the required customer and investor agreements and terms needed, confirming the legal status of the FINTech service you’re providing, and even engage with regulators on your behalf. Get the FINTech Full-Service Offering assistance you need in this dynamic, powerful and prescriptive industry, where any unlawful operation can lead to extreme sanctions.

What Can We Offer You?

1. Applicable laws legal research

We analyse your whole operation to detail all of the legal regimes applicable to these highly regulated services in Thailand, creating a clear and predictable path of compliance for your FINTech service.

2. Fintech Agreement

We can draft the full range of Terms and Conditions applicable to the provision of your FINTech services, whether for your users, API partners or investors.

3. Engage Regulators

We can assist you in identifying and engaging with the correct FINTech-focused regulator governing your particular service; from BOT, Ministry of Finance to SEC and everyone in between! This is to ensure that you have their approvals / confirmations to commence with your FINTech services as envisaged, and lawfully.

4. FINTech Landscape

We provide you with the most up to date understanding of the current FINTech-relevant laws in Thailand, which is especially vital when same laws change so much and have such importance for your lawful FINTech operations.

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