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Your online platform is either up and running, or you’re about to launch a new online service offering when suddenly, you realise that your online platform is governed by many laws which you know nothing about. If you’re a retailer, SaaS, Marketplace or Payments Facilitator you need to know the laws applicable to your online operations.

At K&AL, our many years of experience in the field of online and e-commerce regulation means that we’re able to offer comprehensive, full-spectrum legal support to anyone running an e-commerce platform or website in Thailand. We will hold your hand through the entire development, launch and operational stages of your online platform, to help you understand what laws apply to the services you provide online, regardless of whether it’s a marketplace, direct retailer or any other format of online operation. We can also engage regulators on your behalf, and then draft whatever website policies and terms you will subsequently need to develop, launch and run lawfully in the Land Of Smiles.

We will ensure that your platform is legal from inception to operation, with legal assistance offered the whole way along your journey.

What Can We Offer You?

1. MAP laws and Licensing

  • We will support you to have a substantive consult to obtain an introduction and “map” into all of the laws and regimes governing your platform’s operation in Thailand. This is great for understanding all of the laws applicable to you, and for planning and prioritising your compliance with them.
  • We will support you to obtain  all licenses needed and relevant to your e Commerce and platform business

2. Draft T&Cs

We draft brand-new, bespoke Website Terms and Policies which not only satisfy the laws applicable to your platform’s services, but also provide you with solid protections for when the law fails you. We can also review and update your existing Terms to ensure they’re lawful and useful.

3. Data Compliances

We can draft all of your data privacy policies, train your staff and assist with all internal data handling matters to get you ready for the new era of data protection and privacy under either PDPA or the GDPR.

4. Pre-Launce Compliance

We conduct pre-launch or during-development platform run-throughs to ascertain your current compliance and determine what remains to be done.

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