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Data Privacy & Processing Service

Personal information has become one of the most powerful commodities in the modern world. Authorities have recently awakened to the importance of ensuring that everyone’s personal information is secure and used in accordance with fair rules and due process. That being said, businesses need this information in order to operate properly.

In this new age of data privacy and processing compliance, whenever you process someone else’s personal information you will be subject to local or foreign data privacy and protection laws (such as Thailand PDPA or GDPR).

We understand this shift in the law, as well as the needs of modern businesses to use this valuable information. Using our Data Privacy & Processing Full-Service Offering, we can assist you in ensuring that your business is processing personal information according to the law, while simultaneously serving the needs your business may have with the data.

We provide a full range of service offerings in this field, be it drafting all required Data Privacy policies, advising on internal data handling requirements, updating your agreements to handle data considerations, or understanding what exact data privacy role you fulfil.

Be ready for this new age of data privacy and protection, using Legalese’s Data Privacy & Processing Full-Service Offerings along your entire data processing chain.

What Can We Offer You?

1. Data Roles

We’ll assist you to have an introductory consult to analyze and appreciate the full extent of the exact rules and duties of your role in the data processing chain.

2. Drafting Privacy Policy

We can draft a bespoke and unique Privacy Policy for your entire entity, covering all operations and functions relating to data, under either PDPA, Hybrid or GDPR standards.

3. General Data Compliance

We assist you comply with all of the additional internal, systemic data handling requirements of either PDPA or GDPR, where just having a Privacy Policy is not enough to fully comply with the data laws.

4. Data Harvesting

We can advise on how you can leverage your anonymised information into very valuable data to sell. This income-stream is commonly ignored by companies, which can be exploited to great effect and value.

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